Our Story


We are Amanda and Greg.. proud owners of Matilda and Marty.

We moved to the beautiful coastal town of Yamba on the Far North Coast of NSW 5 years ago, moving from a rural property on the outskirts of Sydney we were ready to make the coast our forever home. 

Having family living here for nearly 30 years we were regular visitors, and about 6 years ago, we decided that our wedding day should be celebrated here.

It was then we realised that there was something missing when planning a Wedding in Yamba, Wedding Cars.  There wasn't anything available in the immediate area.  This started the thought process but as usual something like this takes time, money and planning, and it really wasn't the right time for us to do anything.

In the last 12 – 18 months the planets were aligning & we started to put actions into plans

We already had a VW which we were restoring & always wanted to own a Kombi, and what better car to own in a beautiful coastal town like Yamba.  It wasnt going to be just any Kombi, it had to be special, something that people would want to share on their special day. 

We found Matilda, but the only problem was she was on the other side of the world in South Africa... being lovingly restored  So, how were we going to get her here?

Lots of late night overseas phone calls & emails began and about May 2018 we realised our dream was going to become a reality.  Matilda was going to sail across the Indian Ocean and come to her forever home in Yamba.

She survived the journey and was as beautiful as we expected, needing a few finishing touches to finalise the restoration, she is now ready to get you to your destination in Unique Style.


One wasn't enough, and Greg found Marty and has been lovingly restoring him over

the past few months.  Marty is Matilda's younger brother, being a 1973 Bay Window Kombi.

We are looking forward to sharing many smiles and happy times with people in Matilda & Marty, and I am sure they will be loved by everyone as much as we do, with their charm and good looks.

And what better way for us to share them than on your special day!! 


Meet Matilda

Matilda is a 1964 Split Screen Kombi, totally restored to her once former beauty..

Matilda came to us from South Africa, originally found in Zimbabwe in not the best condition, she was pulled apart and every nut and bolt and panel was restored

 She was originally born in Germany and exported to South Africa, then onto Zimbabwe, where she lived her life for many years until she was found by a man who wanted to restore her to how she once was. She was taken to Munster in South Africa to be restored and given a beautiful new lease on life.  Then in 2018, Matilda made her last journey and sailed across the Indian Ocean to come to her forever home with us in Yamba.

Now she is waiting to make your special day fun, memorable and to get you to your destination in Unique Style.


Meet Marty

Marty is a 1973 Bay Window Kombi.  We bought Marty is 2018 with some TLC needed and we have had Marty's motor fully rebuilt and beautifully restored his interior. 

Marty will seat 7 people and will certainly turn heads when arriving to your special day.